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Cycle, trek and taste your way through Vietnam…

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Cycle, trek and taste your way through Vietnam…

Bài gửi by thuctapseonx02 on 18/07/17, 09:48 am

At Cycle Trips Vietnam, we not only love Vietnam’s history, values and culture but are passionate about cycling [Only admins are allowed to see this link], keeping fit and providing our clients with memories that will last a lifetime. Every moment during our carefully designed tours matters, from the big picture to the smallest detail. Our experienced guides are passionate about introducing you to stunning panoramic sites in Vietnam that are off the beaten track and will endeavour to ensure that they amaze, delight and surprize you with breath taking locations, experiences of the daily life and traditions of Vietnam and taste tantalising delicious Vietnamese food.

We LOVE fresh food, so what better way to experience real Vietnam than to visit farms, pick local vegetables and fruit, and have the option to partake in a cooking class where you will prepare and taste traditional Vietnamese dishes. Many of our tours also include sampling street food, and visits to traditional restaurants and small cafes delivering the best of Vietnamese cuisine, whilst cycling and trekking though the serene countryside, rural villages, historical sites to stunning mountains and exquisite coastlines.

We LOVE bikes, so we only cycle with the best! We use GT mountain bikes, which are a premier brand that specialises in mountain bikes, BMX bikes, urban bikes and road bikes. GT are known for producing bicycles that are faster, stronger with bicycle frame designs that are on the forefront of bicycle technology.During our cycling tours, we provide our clients with a GT mountain bike and helmet.

We LOVE providing great hospitality, so our client’s needs are important to us. We offer flexible trips to ensure that the perfect tour is tailored to your needs. Whether you have dietary needs or an experienced cyclist looking for a challenging cycling tour, we are more than happy to ensure that your time with us meets your requirements.

'One bicycle can change a child's education' – Saigon Children’s Charity [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

We LOVE our country so we are passionate about supporting our local communities and improving the lives and education of disadvantaged children. We do this by supporting Saigon Children's Charity (SCC) that works hard to help children living in remote rural areas have access to an education by raising money to provide them with a bike to cycle to school.
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