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Cycling - trekking at Hon Ba nature reserve Nha Trang

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Cycling - trekking at Hon Ba nature reserve Nha Trang

Bài gửi by thuctapseonx02 on 18/07/17, 09:50 am

Destination: Nha Trang - Hon Ba National Park
    Total cycling distance:50 km
    Level: Easy

This is one of the most fascinating tours to exploring mountains and pristine waterfall around Nha Trang by bike [Only admins are allowed to see this link]

. We will take you to the most attractive destination for you to experience through sports such as walking, swimming and cycling.

Our guide will pick you up at your hotel at 7.30 in the morning. Pack your stuffs, the bus will drive us to the countryside, about 12km from the city center. Then take our bikes, and we will start to cycle in the narrow country road. You and your group will stop by some local ancient house and learn about the real lives in Vietnam. The guide will show you the farming life, and how to take good care of the paddy field here.

Then we back to the road again, cycle to Hon Ba Waterfall. You’ll love the weather there, it’s really cool, and not really much noisy here, far different than what it’s like in the city.

On the way to Hon Ba, there’re many places that not pretty much of people would ever know about, and those are breath-taking unknown streams, with green plants on the both sides, and clean water, with fresh air. You'll see awesome rocky river along the road which you'll riding uphill with good places on the top. So we will have some good rest at those places. Take your time, have some deep rest, capture some good shots.

When you get to the place, it is a great place to see a lot of wildlife while visiting. You can see many big trees, forest streams, a lot of species of pants and birds. There’re Alexander Yersin’s ancient house, a restaurant, and some homestay familes at the end of the road. There is narrow forest way with stunning views of wild nature, and you can’t take your eyes off of the views. Go hiking for a while and you will have yourself some amazing bathing time.

We will have a BBQ party in the middle of the forest. Then wander around, have some fresh air, dip yourself in the cool, clean crystal stream. And you’ll know, it’s all worthy.

After that, we pack our stuffs, take the bike, we will cycle downhill from the top. It’ll be one of your most amazing tropical nature experiences ever.

Right then, the bus will take us back to the city.[Only admins are allowed to see this link]

End of the tour.
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