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Vietnam airport car service: only $21USD

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Vietnam airport car service: only $21USD Empty Vietnam airport car service: only $21USD

Bài gửi by Phamdt 20.05.16 11:14

One thing that most travelers are concerned when travelling abroad is taking transportation from airport to hotel in town. They are confused by the name boards calming to offer the best price to a ride into town. That why we offer Vietnam  airport  transport service that will not only give the best deal in terms of service and price from the airport to your hotel but also to major resorts highest safety level. Vietnam airport transfer service of vietnamvisavoa.com offers wide range of transportation service from over Vietnam and especially for Vietnam car rental service.
Vietnam airport car service: only $21USD Vietnam-airport-car-service
Airport car service can take care you well.
We provide this car service to take care you right at the moment of arrival until leaving Vietnam. This car service is one for picking up and seeing off customers at the Vietnam airports. It is the special private car service that is suitable for you to be served professionally and avoid cheating from the taxi service at Vietnam airports. It is not public taxi brand names that we just want to provide transportation services for you, more importantly; we ensure the quality and understand your expectation to be your travelling companion.
Not only offering you with your exceptional by our dedicated working staff but also we provide you with our good price for the best quality at reliable rate. We do not sure that we can provide you with the cheapest price for careless services but we undertake to make sure that you totally trust us whenever needing any help from us and of course, we are willing to fulfill our duty to deserve your expectations.
We will charge $21 per person for Vietnam airport transfer service. The more people you are in a group, the better deal you can have. If you are into a group from 6 to 10 persons, each of you just have to pay$5 per person.
For futher details, please kindly email us via  onlinevietnamvisa24@gmail.com .
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